Our mission and purpose within our rescue is to save, rehabilitate and rehome animals from high kill shelter. It is our goal to save as many animals from horrific conditions, acts of cruelty, abandonment, senseless death and high kill shelters. These animals have no voice of their own and have limited laws and organizations that step up on their behalf; we try to find the equal balance to save as many as we can but to do it with ethics and moral judgment.
Our hope is for our community to come together and be a part of our rescue with regards to volunteering their time, help with fundraising, and to engage the public to learn more about rescuing.

There are over 4000 dogs and puppies euthanized per day across the US and the number is growing…..It is our goal to someday SAVE THEM ALL and give them the second chance they deserve!

Our Main Goals

  • To provide immediate safe shelter for our rescued animals where they stay until they are ready to be placed for adoption
  • To provide up to date vaccinations and spaying and neutering services for our rescued animals
  • To help keep people with their pets by donating food and helping them find low cost veterinary clinics
  • To educate the public about proper animal care and pet overpopulation