Barbie-&-Ranee-sizedRanee Gilbert

Ranee is a co-founder of Hunting for Love rescue… With a strong background in business and communications, Ranee runs the business side of the rescue. Although Ranee owns and manages an interior design company, she still finds the time to save a dog in need. Ranee believes that every animal deserves a second chance and with that mindset she focuses on pulling dogs from high kill shelters in hopes of finding their second chance at a happy life.





shannonShannon Ackerman

Shannon Ackerman is a co-founder of Hunting for Love. Shannon has dedicated her entire life to animal rescue. She is well versed in all breeds with the Bulldogs being her favorite dogs to work with and rescue. With 20 years in veterinarian medicine, Shannon is the brains behind the medical side of Hunting for Love. Shannon is a true animal rescuer who lets nothing stand in her way of helping an animal in need.






Lori enjoys spending time with her 2 dogs, Diva and Oreo and volunteering/fostering for Hunting For Love. She is a compounding pharmacist whose hobbies include amateur photography, traveling, and wine tasting.






dlana-sizedDalana Ortiz-Juarez

Dalana is one of Hunting for Love’s awesome fosters..Dalana is a mom to 2 kids, Aulden and Logan. Dalana has been a committed foster for HFL for two years…she never saids no!!